Monday, December 16, 2013

Into Mossfallow Wood, pt. 12 - Absolute Write Blog Chain

This month's Absolute Write's blog chain is actually a blog-O-phone. Everyone writes 250 words of a story and the next person continues it on. We're currently up to part twelve, so you may want to start at the beginning to get the full effect.

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So far, Cal, Beth, and Alan are trying to steal a tree from Old Man Wiggin's property. Claire Wiggins is fighting to stop them.

Into Mossfallow Wood - part 12

Cal's final stomp broke the branch beneath him and Claire, but a searing pain shot through his shin. He howled in pain while Claire shrieked and held on to the bough above for dear life. The falling limb clipped Alan, who made a desperate leap for a new perch, landing wrapped on the branch like an old coat hung up to dry. The broken timber landed on the hound below, pinning it to the ground with a helpless whimper.

"Alan," Claire cried out. "Help me."

Alan twisted to look into Claire's desperate eyes. "What's in it for me, love?"

"My leg," Cal moaned. "I think I broke my freakin' leg."

"Serves you right," Claire said, kicking out at him. She looked down at Alan and batted her eyes. "If you get me out of this tree, Alan, I'll show you where the bigger one is up the hill."

Alan's smile practically glowed in the moonlight. "Maybe you can even help me trim it." He climbed to his feet and used the main trunk to steady himself. He reached an arm towards Claire.

Cal whined in pain. "You can't leave me; I need a doctor."

"Shut up!" Claire yelled. With Alan's help she got a toe onto another branch. "This is all your fault. You-"

The roar of an engine drowned out her rant and all three of the human ornaments watched the snowmobile fly over the drift and sail straight for their perch.

To be continued.. (until the end of the month).


  1. lol, rofl!!! UrmyGOD! Who is driving the snowmobile?? I can't for the next part of crazy!

  2. Haha! I love the twist of events.

  3. Nice! Good ole Cal got what was coming to him.

  4. A snowmobile you say? Very intriguing...I wonder who's on it.