Monday, September 3, 2012

GUTGAA - Meet and Greet

Gearing up to get an agent is underway. We're starting off with some get to know you questions, so here're my answers:

My (brief) bio:
I have led several lives. I was born in a small farm town in Minnesota. I lived for many years in the metropolis of Los Angeles. I currently reside in Northern California and am most at home out in nature. After many years in school, careers in business, education, and adventure, I am now writing full time.

 -Where do you write? 
I write in my bedroom. A small desk right next to the bed. With a second monitor hooked up to my laptop so I can have one screen of reference material as I type on the MS.

-Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see? 
My bed. Unmade.

-Favorite time to write?
I'm definitely more productive in the morning. I wake up and go through my morning routine, have some breakfast, but I make sure I'm doing something productive before 9am. Just like a real job.

-Drink of choice while writing? 
Just water. It's surprising how dehydrated you can get when just sitting and writing and the time flies by. I have a large water bottle since I hate to have to get up and stop writing just because I'm thirsty.

-When writing , do you listen to music or do you need complete silence? 
Music. But nothing with lyrics - they distract me. So mostly classical or jazz while I'm writing.

-What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it? 
My inspirations are often reactionary - I read something and think that I can do it better (or at least differently). In some ways Twilight inspired me to write a YA novel, but without vampires and with a heroine that ultimately saves the day for everyone else. Very specifically without vampires...

-What's your most valuable writing tip?
Don't just write. Study. Everyone says that writing is key, but if you don't learn from it you won't improve. Writing doesn't equal learning. You have to actually study what makes good writing and review your own work objectively. Without that thought and reflection you'll just keep making the same mistakes. 

Can't wait to meet y'all!


  1. Interested to hear more about your MS from this brief tease about what inspired it... good luck in GUTGAA!

  2. I agree, we definitely have to keep learning about our writing, about the craft. Just writing is great, but if we want to be better and make this our career we HAVE to keep improving.

  3. I love the advice about keeping on improving. I can't even begin to consider how much I have learned since I started writing.

  4. Nice to meet a fellow Nor Cali. Loved your advice.

  5. I'm a morning person too, I always feel my brain works a bit more.

  6. Nice to meet you! I love water, too. It gets me through the hard moments, oddly enough, if nothing else but because it's something to do. Drink, think, type. It's cool that you're doing writing full time (and you have two computer screens next to each other)! Good luck this month.

  7. I don't always make my bed either. :)

    1. Just to be clear - I don't always NOT make my bed either. Sometimes I even tidy up the desk :-)

  8. I'm somewhat inspired by Twilight, too! It's an example of just how bad something can be and still become a hit. You may be interested to read my Tuesday blog post, where I rip apart a scene from Twilight and say just what I think about it.

    Have fun at GUTGAA!

    1. I don't like to bash Twilight just because it wasn't for me. I do recognize it for the success that is was. And writing is always subjective.

      But I couldn't get over the fact that the story revolved around a hundred year old guy hooking up with a high school girl. That's just wrong and creepy and pathetic in so many ways. But it's OK cause he looks young?

      I'll check out your critique and maybe send you something of mine.

  9. I like your "very specifically not about vampires" line. I would be careful to articulate that too. :) See you around GUTGAA!

  10. Having two computers screens, one just for research stuff, is genius. That way you have the stuff available, but not too available so that it becomes a distraction. Cool idea. Nice to meet you too.

    1. My computer is a laptop but when I'm at my desk I like having a large screen and full keyboard. Makes it much more comfortable to work for long periods.

  11. Dear Blair,

    Nice to meet you. I enjoyed reading your answers to the GUTGAA questions. I totally agree that when writing, music without lyrics is key. Words are too distracting. Happy Writing!

    Warm regards,

    Don #138

  12. Hey Blair!

    It sounds like we've have similar lives, what with the many career changes and the living in LA (I"m still here, actually). I'd love to hear more about your wip! I haven't come across many demon books, so I'm always excited to hear more.


    1. My guys aren't classic demons. They're an alien race that came to earth in ancient Greece, hence: daemons (messengers of the gods). My story is actually contemporary (a little SciFi in fact).

      Some things I miss from LA (like friends), some things not so much (like traffic).

  13. oops..i forgot to log in w/ my wordpress account!


  14. Hi, Blair--

    Yes, writing is important, but you're right, if you don't grow and learn, your writing will remain stilted. Good for you.

    Enjoy the rest of GUTGAA.


  15. Great advice about the studying. Research is one of my favorite parts about starting a new story-get lost in it sometimes!