Friday, November 23, 2012

NaNoWriMo update #4

I win! Well, that's according to the rules of National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write 50k words of a new novel all within one month. I started on November 1st and I've now written 52k words. Technically, that's a win. But my goal is to write the whole book - seems to be what the name implies. So I've still got a little work to do (but I have a little time to do it).

I think I have another 15k words to go, but I also just added a chapter and changed some things so I have to go back and rewrite a previous chapter. The changes are well worth it as I've weaved together a few separate plot elements and wrapped up some secondary story lines. I've also worked out the path to the end and a slight change in the ending that gives it all more depth. I can see the finish and I'm heading straight for it.

If you haven't seen my previous posts, be aware that I've decided to use Smashwords NaNoWriMo set up in order to keep publishing my work in progress. As I write this, it's complete through chapter 8. I hope to have through chapter 10 by this weekend. You can download the entire thing for free here:

Here's a little excerpt of mine and please follow the links below to the updates from my fellow Absolute Writers.

A Daughter's Revenge: A Necessary Evil Tale (Chapter 11 excerpt)

He dances with me. He spins and flows like a leaf on the wind. It only makes me madder and try harder. I remember the trade and counter-trade with Arinal and I attempt to draw him in, to use his own speed and strength against him, but he never over commits, is never off balance. I use the most complicated attack I know but he uses a Rota I’ve never seen before that spins the blade out of my hand and leaves me defenseless.

“But I must have my revenge.” I drop to my knees with my arms open before him, putting myself at his mercy.

“Then sell yourself to a brothel,” he says. “Learn the art of the whore. Become a courtesan and after the evil lord has his way with you, slit his throat with a dagger.” He describes it coldly. “Or learn the bow and shoot him as he rides in the woods. Dead is dead.”

“But I must learn the sword.” I know it’s the only way that will work, the only way to get to both Jaken and Falton. “I will kill them honorably, unlike the death they brought to my family.”

“Honor?” He says the word like it’s acid in his mouth. “There is no such thing as honor. Honor is the lie the aristocrats use to justify their selfishness. The poor use honor to console themselves for their miserable lives. We are all dying in this world, fast or slow, through starvation or sword, it matters not. Make of that what you will.”

He nods to a pair of the guardsmen and they step forward to seize me. They pull me to my feet and towards the exit of the yard.

“Give her her sword. Both of them. And show her to the gate,” the Master calls out after us.

The pair turns to question him. “Shouldn’t we lock her up?”

The Master looks at me when he answers. Is that pity in his eyes? Disdain? “No. Send her on her way. If she comes again I will kill her.” There’s nothing in his eyes.

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  1. Another great excerpt! I might end up downloading your manuscript and giving it a read through! I loved the tension in this scene, really makes me want to carry on reading

  2. Glad you're enjoying it. I've updated the Smashwords document - it's now complete through chapter 13 (probably four more to go).

  3. This sounds really good. I tagged you in the "You Got the Look" meme on my blog--cause I want to read more of this. :) Great use of tension/conflict.

    And congrats on winning Nano!! That's an awesome accomplishment. :)

    1. Thanks I just came from your page before I saw this. I'll be sure to put something up from this for my 'look' post.

  4. Congratulations on your remarkable success this month! Way to go! From what I can gather from reading the excerpt you shared your finished product will be an interesting page turner. Keep it going!

  5. Congrats on reaching 50,000 so soon! Wonderful excerpt here. I was especially impressed with the dialogue.