Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unicorn Droppings - Absolute Write Blog Chain

The theme for this month's Absolute Write Blog Chain is Unicorn Droppings. Don't know what else to say about that, so on with the writing. Be sure to check out the links to the other posts at the end.

Noble Quest

Trongen hacked at a branch that barred his path. It snapped and fell away. He stepped forward to find a dozen more snags across his route. With a grunt crossed with a growl he attacked them with vigor.

"Have you vanquished the evil philodenron, oh mighty warrior?"

Trongen stopped mid swing and closed his eyes. He very deliberately lowered his sword before turning. The little man before him had a grin that covered half his face, his head cocked at an insulting angle. "If you have a better plan to get us to the plains, Lucian, please elaborate." He turned back and resumed his hacking. "Otherwise shut up and get us dinner."

"It's too dark to hunt. Why don't we go back to the castle?"

Trongen gave up and turned again. "Because the King ordered us here. We are his humble servants and are happy to oblige his every whim." He gritted his teeth for that last part. He hated to be at anyone's whim. He wiped the sweat from his brow, not coincidentally drawing his naked blade across the air between them.

"That's not exactly true, now is it?" Lucian was in his court finery and looked fresh as rain.

Trongen thought the angle of Lucian's head had turned condescending. He didn't know how the man could express so many emotions through his neck, but all of them annoyed him. "Close enough. Family of royalty is still royalty. So we keep going."

Trongen returned to work and a couple more strokes brought them to a small clearing. The late day sun couldn't penetrate the canopy and it was hard to see, but Tongren's senses were honed from years of avoiding ambushes and chasing orcs down dark tunnels. The grass here had been trampled. A deeper shadow across the way might be a trail. A trail for something large.

"See," Trongen gloated with a look over his shoulder. "We're getting close." He took a step forward and felt something squish under his foot.

"A little too close, by the smell of it." Lucian chuckled.

Tongren raised his foot and tried to shake off the sticky brown scat that clung to his good boots. He grunted and held in a scream. "Come on." He took another step and there was another squish. He let out the scream this time, the entire forest stirring at his anger.

"Now it knows we're coming." Lucian still sounded amused.

"I don't care. I'm going to find the beast and you're going to ride it back to the castle. If the little princess wants a unicorn pony for her birthday, then that's damn well what she's going to get."


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  1. That's a very beautiful unicorn plop! Looks tasty. As for poor Trongen, well, nothing would suck worse than to be sent on a task that he feels is beneath him. I think, though, my favorite part is your introduction. "Don't know what else to say about that, so on with the writing." LOL That made me smile. Thank you!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Didn't really know what to do with the prompt. Sometimes that leads to good things.

  3. Spoiled princesses: a hazard in this and any age. Imagine her horror when the beast refuses to be ridden, since it will only suffer maidens of a very specific kind to ride it ;)

    1. But isn't the first hazard the indulgent parent? Those royals are always so permissive!

  4. Oh! This was wonderful. I can see the frustration of hunting for something rather elusive.

    1. Unicorn ponies are definitely elusive. I mean, have you ever seen one?

  5. Haha I like it! I felt the frustration and I loved that he was getting a unicorn pony for the princess! Perfect :p

    1. Thanks. Every princess deserves a pony. Only special princesses get unicorn ponies :)

  6. omg haha. I wasn't expecting them to be hunting a unicorn for a princess. LOL. Cute, yet I can see his frustration. x)